Metrics §

K8GB generates Prometheus-compatible metrics. Metrics endpoints are exposed via -metrics service in operator namespace and can be scraped by 3rd party tools:

  - name: http-metrics
    port: 8383
    protocol: TCP
    targetPort: 8383
  - name: cr-metrics
    port: 8686
    protocol: TCP
    targetPort: 8686

Metrics can be also automatically discovered and monitored by Prometheus Operator via automatically generated ServiceMonitor CRDs , in case if Prometheus Operator is deployed into the cluster.

General metrics §

controller-runtime standard metrics, extended with K8GB operator-specific metrics listed below:

healthy_records §

Number of healthy records observed by K8GB.


# HELP k8gb_gslb_healthy_records Number of healthy records observed by K8GB.
# TYPE k8gb_gslb_healthy_records gauge
k8gb_gslb_healthy_records{name="test-gslb",namespace="test-gslb"} 6

ingress_hosts_per_status §

Number of ingress hosts per status (NotFound, Healthy, Unhealthy), observed by K8GB.


# HELP k8gb_gslb_ingress_hosts_per_status Number of managed hosts observed by K8GB.
# TYPE k8gb_gslb_ingress_hosts_per_status gauge
k8gb_gslb_ingress_hosts_per_status{name="test-gslb",namespace="test-gslb",status="Healthy"} 1
k8gb_gslb_ingress_hosts_per_status{name="test-gslb",namespace="test-gslb",status="NotFound"} 1
k8gb_gslb_ingress_hosts_per_status{name="test-gslb",namespace="test-gslb",status="Unhealthy"} 2

Served on endpoint

Custom resource specific metrics §

Info metrics, automatically exposed by operator based on the number of the current instances of an operator's custom resources in the cluster.


# HELP gslb_info Information about the Gslb custom resource.
# TYPE gslb_info gauge
gslb_info{namespace="test-gslb",gslb="test-gslb"} 1

Served on endpoint