AWS based deployment with NS1 integration §

Here we provide an example of k8gb deployment in AWS context with NS1 as edgeDNS provider

Reference setup §

Two EKS clusters in eu-west-1 and us-east-1.

Terraform code for cluster reference setup can be found here

The EKS setup is identical to Route53 tutorial

Deploy k8gb §

Example values.yaml override configs can be found here

You can use helm to deploy stable release from Helm repo

helm repo add k8gb

Alternatively, use make target to deploy right from the git repository

make deploy-gslb-operator VALUES_YAML=./docs/examples/ns1/k8gb-cluster-ns1-eu-west-1.yaml

#switch kubectl context to us-east-1

make deploy-gslb-operator VALUES_YAML=./docs/examples/ns1/k8gb-cluster-ns1-us-east-1.yaml

Create NS1 secret in each cluster

export NS1_APIKEY=<ns1-api-key>
make ns1-secret